Jen Kent Designs

I discovered bead weaving and wire work after moving from New Zealand and winding up in the UK.  I eventually discovered an amazing local bead shop which is now nestled into the Dorset country side and it is within this magical store my creative talents have been nurtured.


I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazingly inspirational and supportive people in the beading world, and my creative side has officially been unleashed following the release of my first bead pattern in January of 2016!


There is nothing quite like losing one’s self in creative projects, it relaxes you and can take your mind off things that may otherwise be a burden. The unique textures of the beads and the colour therapy of bead weaving is truely hypnotising.


I hope you enjoy my projects. I’m always happy to help anyone who might be just starting out and needs a hand… just drop me an email. If I don’t get back to you straight away I might be temporarily running after my two beautiful little boys (or my husband! Lol).



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Jens Bridal Tiara

Designed by Jen Kent